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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Til Bata -- Sesame Seed Paste

Since February 15th, 2015, I started my vegan journey. Naturally, yoghurt, the only dairy product I used to consume, disappeared from my menu.
I did some research on vegan food rich in calcium and found tahini recommended by many. I also learnt to make hummus and soon fell in love with it, and tahini. The mail ingredient of tahini is sesame seed and it was a great to discover that sesame seed is rich in calcium because it led me to a new food idea.  We, Bengalis, love our poppy seed paste. It is an age old Bengali delicacy, super easy and quick to make. Why not try sesame seed paste the same way, instead of making tahini? And I did it without much delay. I added some poppy seeds to a load of roasted sesame seeds, added salt, a pinch of sugar (optional), green chilli, a few cloves of garlic, a little water to it and made a fine thick paste. I added a few drops of mustard oil, exactly what I do to have poppy seed paste, too and had it with hot steamed rice.
Roasting the seeds to get the nutty flavour

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