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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Gesztenye means "chestnut" and püré is "puree".
This is my friend's favourite dessert. Even though I do not really have a sweet tooth, I too, had it.
It was good and not too sweet.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Indian Dishes in Our Indo-Hungarian Dinner

These were my additions to our Indo-Hungarian dinner:
1) The typical Bengali egg curry. I added some peas, too. Since I did not add even a pinch of pepper or chilies  it was good for my friend.

2) The Bengali chicken curry in thick onion gravy was, on the contrary, a bit hot for her.

And here are the drinks:
These were something new for me.
It was an amazing treat for our taste buds. 
Toltott Kaposzta

  This was another amazing experience in Budapest, thanks to my friend's Mom.
She put really a lot of effort to make our weekend so tasty.
  This is Hungarian stuffed cabbage made with minced meat and rice.
Hungarian Fish Soup

                    I consider my food experience in Hungary the most remarkable to that of any other trip in Europe since I had the privilege to taste authentic home made food in Budapest. This is the fish soup my friend's mom prepared for us. She used cat fish. The use of paprika gave me an additional feeling of familiarity. I am from India, after all! And I am a Bengali. So, fish is always something I crave for. When I discovered the fish egg in the soup, I was really surprised and very happy. I immediately felt at home!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gulyasleves: Hungarian Beef soup with Vegetables and Ground Paprika

I had the opportunity to taste this dish first in Germany and then in Hungary.
When I expressed my interest to learn how to cook this, my friend recommended this recipe:

I used all the ingredients mentioned in the recipe (beef, carrot, potato, wax peppers, paprika and vegeta seasoning) except caraway seeds and parsley roots since I did not find them in the supermarket.

I cooked this for the first time today and I am very happy with end product.