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Friday, June 24, 2011

Aubergine mit Hackfleisch und Kaese

Germany is world famous for its automobile industry. We associate tennis, music, many inventions and even Indology with Germany. Germany means Steffi Graf, Albert Einstein, Max Mueller, Grimm Brothers! But not many of us know that Germany has a very diverse and delightful food culture. Just like us, Germany not only has innummerable tasty recipes of her own but also open to taste and assimmilate food from any other region of the world. In the small local foodstand that is open only in the morning as a part of the local meatshop in my tiny village, I have tasted my tastiest Lasagna, freshly prepared in their kitchen early in the morning, like all their other dishes.
Today I picked minced meat Lasagne for breakfast and something new for lunch: Aubergine mit Hackfleisch und Kaese.

The half of a big aubergine with mixed minced meat and cheese melted in mouth. With leftover of last night's spinach, steak and cheese salad, it was a grand lunch in the late afternoon today. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drinks and Some Tiny Bites on Saturday!

My friends decided to have a party on last Saturday! Everyone was supposed to bring drinks. But I do not have a taste for drinks, since I am very loyal to pure German Leitungswasser (tap water), other than which I very rarely drink milk or black tea, or sweet wine and nothing else. So, I cannot pick up drinks ruling out the possibility of a disastrous choice. I decided to make something that could accompany the drinks.
I made two types of pakoras: 1) Crispy with rice powder, and 2) soft and delicate with potato, carrot and green peas (which could be called vegetable-chop in my hometown.)

For a change, I cooked something completely vegetarian for a party!!!
And I have never seen a better utilisation of a bath-tub before. (LoL!)

Steak, Spinach and Cheese Salad

Even though the original ingredients for this dish includes raw baby spinach leaves and boiled beet root, I boiled spinach leaves thoroughly, since EHEC has proved itself fatal in this region and I did not add beet root since I do not like it booiled at all.I added a little black pepper while boiling the spinach. For the meat I have used mini steaks of turkey. For oil I used olive oil, as usual.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looks like Schaschlik! :)

It was my pleasure that this was recieved well.
I made this for our barbecue evening!