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Monday, April 25, 2011

Potato Pan-Cake with Schmand: My Russian Weekend 2

This was my favourite of all! This was our Friday dinner that gave us enough calories to burn for the whole next day! On Saturday we walked for eight long hours!
I can cook this for my friends!Recipe will follow.

My Russian Weekend!

From India, sitting in a garden house in Bamberg, Germany, having an authentic home-cooked Russian lunch in an unusually warm Spring afternoon!! Doesn't it sound interesting?
This was my first Russian food exprience:

1) Fish

2)The plate contains salad, beans (pickled), carrot (pickled)and yes, Kartoffelbrei (mashed potato), we are in Germany after all.

The ingredients of the salad are crab, hard-boiled egg, sweet corn, rice and Schmand(creme)/mayonese. Now I can make this salad, too, thanks to my host, a beautiful young lady working for an MNC on deputation in Bamberg!
This was just the small beginning of the weekend-long feast.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eating White Sausage Like a Bavarian!

White sausage with sweet mustard! Out of this world!
I can suck the meat out from inside the skin. And why just before noon, I can eat them round the clock. In fact they made my dinner today!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My First Authentic Italian Food Experience

Nothing like Pizza Hut or Dominos but altogether different was my first Italian food experience in Germany. Here Italian food is very popular. It is my friend's favourite, too.
I chose pizza with Schinkem, Salami amd mushrooms:

And then the one with olive, garlic, salami and the very typical artischocken:

And a bowl of pasta which had a very soothing subtle taste:

And a huge bowl of mixed sald with shredded meat, sliced egg, olives, lettuce, cucumber and tomato. It was a real fest for my tastebuds!

Today's Dessert

A beatiful sunny evening!
I felt like doing something different for my tastebuds! Why not offering something sweet to them, for a change! So, here is my sweet innovation: today's dessert!