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I'm Kay

        I am Kay, a round brown poor third-worlder middle-aged single (never married) woman, happy for no reason and trying to be creative.

       I am very passionate about two things: language and food. I am a polyglot and a hyperpolyglot-in-the-making. If everything works out according to my plan, I'll speak four more languages fluently by the end of this year 2016.

       My work, fortunately, has taken me to different corners of the world and thus has offered me the rare opportunity to become close to different linguistic, ethnic, and religious communities. This has made me all the more multicultural. This was also a chance for me to get to know different food culture.
        After working for almost a decade, I decided to stop working and so, I'm now enjoying my voluntary mini-retirement and studying again, and trying to revive my old hobby of painting and cooking sometimes. That makes me a bit poorer for the time being but that does not necessarily mean that I'm totally financially dependent on my family because I'm not.

         Believe it or not, when I was very young, I never wanted to work, let alone having a career. Instead, I wanted a family with a husband ( yes, just one would do ;) ) and 2/3 kids but when I started working, I enjoyed it. Ironically, my journey to a world different from my community which also led to the beginning of a new food experience started with my rejecting a terrible marriage proposal brought in by someone who is supposed to be my strongest support system; not only I reaslised that I would be trapped in a n insufferable marriage if I don't take my life under my control but I also realised that I was way more progressive than my pseudo educated and pseudo-modern society and I moved far away to the southern part of my country where I was introduced to different food items from Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. I loved the food from Kerala the most. For the first time I tasted Idiappam, Appam, Puttu, Pearlspot fish (KaLi Meen) and to coconut oil as an edible one.  Also for the first time I had Neer Dhosa, Bisibele bath, Aviyal and Hyderabadi Biryani. I even learnt to make Aviyal and Plain Dhosa. Before leaving my province, I was not familiar with food from other communities except from Momo (Nepali) and Masala Dhosa (local made originally Tamil).
I still love kids (and kids usually love me, too) and wish I could have my own family and cook fun meals for my own kids but I  never put much emphasis on what I don't have. Instead, I've focused on learning. I believe learning something positive makes everyone more beautiful!
    For me, learning to cook is learning to be more creative, to be caring to my loved ones, to fill someone else's life with fragrance, with more colour and more pleasure. I believe, food is the biggest necessity and also the biggest pleasure of life. That is why I decided to name my blog "Total Foodgasm" and that is why I write about my food experiences and not just about recipes.

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