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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Green Banana Fritters

“Kofta” means “meat ball”. Before becoming vegan, I used to make kofta curry with chicken or turkey and now I make those with green banana but it is not really my act of replacing the meat with the vegetable here; it is a very traditional way of making vegetarian kofta curry in Bengal and I learnt this recipe from my mother. We thought of having green banana kofta curry at dinner.
So, early in the evening while my favourite reality show I started making green banana balls for the kofta curry when I just had the brilliant idea of having some of them immediately as snack. So, I separated a small quantity from the whole of the boiled and salted and mashed green banana, which was not very little, added spices in and fried shredded onion and chopped green chilli into it and made fritters and kept on munching sitting in front of the TV during the reality show where four non-celeb women would do their best to win prizes beating each other in competitions like maximum how many phuchkas one can eat within one minute, or maximum how much water one can squeeze from a wet saree.
1)      I had one green banana and half a potato boiled and peeled and mashed.
2)      I fried shredded onion and chopped fresh green chillies adding turmeric, cumin powder, a pinch of coriander powder, and a little black paper powder.
3)      I made a thick paste of red lentil in a mixer.  I soaked the lentil in water for half an hour before doing this. The ratio of banana and the lentil should be 1:1. 
I mixed 1), 2) and 3) and salt very well and made small balls and deep fried. We had it with fresh coriander dip. 

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