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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alu Tikia

Potato again! "Alu" means potato.
According to Oxford dictionarym tikia is "An Indian fried cake of spiced meat or mashed potato:an alu tikia"
Meat is out of the question since I have become a vegan. We had Alu (potato)-tikia  this evening! I was watching the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" and felt shocked and sad, and my mother made these alu tikias for me. You are pampered like this when you come home after many years!
 Sorry, the photo doesn't do justice to the delicious dish!

 To make alu tikia, my mom used boiled chick peas and potato mashed together with shredded coriander leaves, onion, a little carrot and green chillis, cumin powder and salt added to it. She mixed everything well.
The Mixture
She mixed everything well, formed balls of this mixture and rolled it on all purpose flour. But she advised me to use corn flour which she didn't have at the moment: we rarely use it.
I am addicted to fritters and my mom is not at all happy about it. So, she wanted to show me how to make a tasty snack with very little oil. She actually made it with almost no oil. She just brushed the pan with a little oil, placed the potato balls on it and turned the sides. She cooked them on low flame till both the sides of the balls turned brown. We had them with tangy tamarind chutney!
Tikias Getting Cooked on an Almost Dry, Oil-less Pan
It was delicious but I will add a little more oil when I make them, Mother! Hahahah!

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