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Friday, August 28, 2015

Soy Nuggets with Vegetables

A local TV-channel was asking for original recipes having soy nugget as the main ingredient for a competition and so much wanted to participate in it.I came up with a few recipes; not all of them were totally plant based, though this one is. Unfortunately I could not participate in the competition since it was not possible to upload the photos on their website. I was very disappointed. I not only put effort to prepare those dishes but I created them, they were the results of my imagination.
Here I have used green bell pepper, carrot, fresh peas and spring onions with soy nuggets.
I put some salt into boiling water, removed it from heat and soaked the nuggets in it. After the nuggets became soft and spongy, I drained the water.
I cut the vegetables in small pieces and heated a little oil in the pan and cooked the vegetables till they are done but not overcooked because I didn't want them too soft. I added just a little water.
Now I added the nuggets in the pan and stirred and mixed every thing together. It was a dry preparation.
I made a paste of tomato, a few cloves of garlic, basil powder that I brought from Germany, and extra virgin olive oil.
I added this paste to the vegetables and soy and mixed everything together and served.
I Germany I often had excellent Italian food and fell in love with pesto. That love inspired me to make this paste.

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