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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Begun Chachchorhi

Side dish
Serves 4


Brinjal (begun, "eggplant") – 500 gm
Mustard paste – 3 tea-spoons 
Nigella – “black Caraway” (Kalo jeeray) – a pinch
Sugar -- a pinch
Turmeric powder – half a tea-spoon
Mustard oil (or sun flower oil) – one tablespoon
Green chilies -- 2 small
Coriander leaves (shredded)

How to prepare:

Cut Brinjal into small pieces.
Heat oil. Add nigella and thinly sliced green chilies to it.
Add brinjal pieces. Add salt. Make the flame small. Cover. Let it cook till the brinjal becomes a little brown. Add turmeric. Stir well. Cover. Let it cook till the brinjal becomes soft. From now and then stir as the brinjal cooks.
Now, as the brinjal has become tender, add the mustard paste. Stir well so that it gets mixed well. Add coriander leaves. Cover and cook further for about 5 minutes. 
Serve with steamed rice.

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