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Thursday, December 20, 2012


The Famous Bengali Pan-Cake

Main ingredients:
Kheer (one can use grated coconut instead)
Sun flower oil
Important Note: In Bangla (Bengali language) "kheer" does not mean rice pudding but the thickened and sweetend cow milk. The Beangali synonym for what the rest of India calls "Kheer" is "Payes".

Soak semolina in milk for about half an hour. Mix flour and sugar very well to this mixture and make semi-liquid dough so that you can spread it over the pan. The ratio of semolina and flour should be 3::2.
I added a little cinnamon and cardamom into it. (It is Chrismas time after all!)

Put very little oil on the hot pan and spread it uniformly all over it.
Now add some dough on it and spread in a way so that it takes a circular shape. Add some kheer at one corner of it.
Then roll it. Patisapta is ready!

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