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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dal Seddho

Side dish
Serves two

Very simple recipe.


Red Lentil (musur dal) – 100 gm
Green chili – raw
Shredded onion – 10 gm
Mustard oil

How to prepare:

Boil the lentil in water.
The dal boiling
Add salt only after it is thoroughly cooked and soft enough to eat.
Stir and mix the salt well.
Boil till very little of the water is left. I suggest that don’t put too much water right at the beginning.
Add green chili. Depending on your taste, you can also add the chili along with salt.
(I want the chili raw, not partially cooked and softened.)
Add shredded onion.
Dal Seddho

Serve with plain steamed rice.

Traditionally, the lentil, put inside a watertight metal container or in a piece of cheese cloth, tied tightly , used to be put inside the handi (the traditional rice cooker) while preparing rice in it. This is how I have seen my mom and other senior ladies preparing it. When in cheese cloth, it can also be kept in boiling water till the lentil is cooked. 

I find this dal preparation so tasty that I can make it my main course and eat up all the rice on my plate with it. But usually we prepare some small accompaniment, typically some fried vegetables, to go with it.
Here is an example: alu-bean-gajor-bhaja.


Serves two.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: about 15 minutes

Carrot – one, medium
Potato – one, small
Green beans – 50 gm


How to prepare:
Cut carrot, beans, and a small potato into very small cubes.
Heat the oil.
Add nigella and sliced green chili to it.
Add the vegetables.
Add turmeric. Stir well to mix well.
Add salt.
Stir well. Let it cook till all the vegetables are softened. Stir from now and then.
Serve with dal seddho and steamed rice.

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