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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cabbage Pakora

Snacking is easy and fun!

Serves 6 -- 8


Cabbage – very finely shredded – 500 gm
Besan – chick pea flour (gram flour) 100 gm
Onion – shredded – 100 gms.
Turmeric powder (optional)
Green chili – finely chopped -- one
Sunflower oil
Sugar – half a tea-spoon

Preparation time: 

15 minutes

Cooking time: 

about 5 minutes on small flame (depending on the size of the frying pan, how many pakoras you can fry at a time)

How to prepare:

Shred the cabbage.
Add salt and sugar (and turmeric powder) to the besan and mix very well.
Add water little by little to this mixture of besan and salt to make a thick paste.
[Or you can add the salt (and turmeric powder) to the water and after the salt is dissolved in it, add this water to besan to make the paste. But do not add salt after mixing besan and water because salt will not mix uniformly in a paste.]

Now mix this paste and shredded cabbage, shredded onion, and finely chopped chilies all very well together.

 Make small flat circular shapes, like tiny pan cakes and dip fry them over low flame. Serve hot with puffed rice (muri).
Cabbage Pakora

Note: While frying you have to make sure that the cabbages are cooked soft enough but not over-fried or burnt. If you have a big pan, you can fry all the pakoras at one go. If your pan is smaller, the cooking time will increase.
If you prefer using less oil, you can also go for shallow fry. Then, make your pakoras flat and turn them over while frying to make sure that they are well cooked from both sides.

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