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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Today we had phuchka for evening snacks.
Phuchka balls with Tamarind-Water and Mashed Potato
To experience the phuchka bliss, you have to do as follows:
1) Take one phuchka ball. with your finger prick the phuchka in the middle. It makes the sound "phuch"! Hahaha! And the phuchka now looks like this:

2) Place some mashed potato into the hollow womb of the phuchka so that there is some space left inside the phuchka.

3) Traditionally, you should pick the above with your fingers (the thumb, index finger and the middle one) and dip it, along with your fingers into the tamarind-water so that the blank space still left after placing the potato inside the phuchka is now filled with that water. We took the tamarind water with a spoon and poured on the popato.

Phuchka filled in with Mashed Potato and Tamarind Water
4) Now put the whole thing into your mouth; do not try to eat it bit by bit with tiny bites, it will not work.
5) Sip from the bowl the left over tamarind water oozed out from the phuchka.
 If you have it from some phuckawala (a traditional phuchka seller), at this point,
5a) ask for one without water and with only the filling, saying "aekta shukno, dada!"
5b) and now ask for some tamarind water without phuchka: "ektu jol, dada!"

5a) and 5b) are interchangeable!

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  1. This is very interesting food! Like matrioshka :D