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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nonta pithe

I was always interested in baking but unfortunately I don't have a oven. I am always on the move. I am planning to relocate again. So, I am surely not going to invest in rebuilding my current kitchen. So, I tried to fix my microwave oven. It has the option for baking. This led to a loss of money and time and effort with no positive result. Well, then let's fry these. Back to square one!
I made the dough tomato puree little by little. Besides, I added the usual ingredients of my dough i.e. salt, pepper, a little cumin powder.
I made theses shapes stuffing them with spicy potato mash. You can be creative with the the filling and add vegetables as per your taste.
I got the idea from youtube. There are many videos available where passionate cooks from all over the share their creativity.
You can also make sweet

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