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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Königstraße, Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

I never thought I would find something like this on Königstraße.
This looks so so so spicy.

No I have not yet tasted it. It looks too spicy even for the feast for my eyes.
It is cheese-pepper salat with onion rings. really eye catching with yellow and red peppers.

And look at this.

Doesn't this look like paneer curry. It is sheep milk cheese. Paneer is cottage cheese. Only after tasting it I can tell you, if it is paneer from sheep milk or not. It's a Corsican dish cooked in olive oil, with garlic and some selected herbs. Looks yummy and good for vegetarians!

And this is Peperoni from southern France:

There were innumerable examples like these on Königstraße posing as an unbearable contrast to people begging,though not for mere food, I am sure, and not really comparable to my poor motherland. But still, affluence and wealth at one hand and people asking for money on the other, did create a very disturbing cohabitation for me.
Poverty exists eveywhere, though not always equally acute.

----- A Foodstore on Königstraße

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