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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Prawn in Onion and Tomato: My Success with Microwave!

WE learn only when we are forced to learn; when the situation we are in demands that we must learn. I did not touch the microwave oven in my flat for the last one year. But in the recent past, as my oven broke down twice in three weeks, I realized that I must have a parallel system to avoid unintended fasting in a Sunday late evening. (On Sundays everything is closed in Germany.)
So, I tried utilising the presence of the “Mikrowelle” in my kitchen. It actually went so well that I bought some ceramic pots, made in France, specially made for cooking in microwave oven. They are orange and white in colour. They are beautiful!
So, nowadays I am cooking even typical Bangali dishes, too, in microwave oven.
Here is prawn with tomato and onion, the way my mom used to cook it quite often. Only, I did not add thinly sliced potatoes to it since I feel that I eat too much carbohydrate. Sorry, I was too hungry to present it more neatly in a better container this time. I apologise for this not-so-good photo.

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