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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beet-er Tarkari (Beetroot curry)

Beetroot curry and laal shaak (tiny red leafy plant)were my favourites when I was young and lived in Doors region with my family. It was fun for me to have them with rice because they turned the rice red. I cook beet root here in Germany in the typical Bengali way with bay leaves, green chillies and of course potato. But I use olive oil instead of mustard oil. Ya, that makes the flavour a little different but still, I can't say that I really miss the flavour of mustard oil because I have the same fun as it turns my rice red. I remember of those good old days of winter in Doors!


  1. I know that taste with rice!! And ghee ;-). I like it when I add so little of the beet to only turn the rice a mild pink. Umm... the flavour!